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Frank's start in art began in advertising, but he showed his flexibility when moving into single gag cartoons for the footballing section of his local paper. After being accepted by Norfolk Studios in London he soon got work in mainstream magazines. He  really shone in the magazines he drew for during the fifties. Due to his comics workload in the sixties he had little extra time to do illustrative work until he gave up Thunderbirds in TV21. In the seventies he broke into the prestigious Radio Times and Sunday Times, both national publications.

We have included fan magazines and convention brochures in this section

the magazine / fanzine work

Action 21- various Thunderbirds reprints - See comics page


AFFINITY No. 29 (Jun/Jul 1950) 
A short story magazine published by Gerald Swan Ltd
  • Colour cover of male and female tennis players - signed
BOOK OF LIFE Part 53  (1969) 
Marshall Cavendish Encyclopedia Of Human Mind And Body (In 105 Weekly Parts)
  • pp.1457-1461 "Hygiene in surgery" 5 half pages in colour strip form
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 74:6 (March 1952) 

"There's a jungle on your doorstep!" by Alan C. Jenkins 

  • pp.32-33. 2 page B&W scraperboard of 2 otters, one eating an eel
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 74:7 (April 1952)

"Mr. Quills wakes up" by David Stephen 

  • pp.40-41 2 page B&W scraperboard of a fox approaching a hedgehog. "The vixen reached down. Mr Quills felt her hot breath through a chink in his armour"
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 74:8 (May 1952) 
  • pp.24-25 "Elephant hunter" by C.T. Stoneham 
    2 page B&W illustration of an elephant charging a man. "He saw the long yellow tusks thrusting at him and dived sideways..."
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 74:10 (July 1952) 

"Phantom buffalo" by Gerald Wyatt

  • pp.24-25 2 page black/red illustration of Indian riders chasing a white buffalo


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 74:11 (August 1952)

"No welcome" by Geoffrey Morgan

  • p.25 1 page B&W illustration of three men in car. "...I pressed the other end of the spanner in his back"


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 74:12 (Sept 1952)

"Devil-Lion" by C.T. Stoneham

  • pp.24-25 2 page black/green tonal drawing "A tall shaggy form came out of the leaves behind him…monstrous, terrible."


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 75:1 (Oct 1952)

"Man eater" by Tom Roan

  • Colour cover of "Man Eater" showing a lion & tiger fighting
  • pp. 24-25 2 page black/orange drawing "Congo the great was billed as the most vicious man-eating lion in the world. But his real enemies were the circus "cats" and a typhoon gave him his chance."


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 75:2 (Nov 1952)

"Whitey" by William MacMillan

  • p.44 B&W line drawing of an albino marten


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 75:3 (Dec 1952)

"River to nowhere" by Hugh B. Cave

  • pp. 28-29 B&W tone drawing "Suddenly the chief's son screamed a warning…"


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 75:5 (Feb 1953)

"Death of a gangster" by Alan C. Jenkins

  • p.45 B&W Scraperboard of a pike grabbing a trout


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 75:6 (Mar 1953)

"Dry country" by C. T. Stoneham

  • Colour cover of "Dry country" showing a rhino face on
  • p. 20 B&W Scraperboard "Rhinos will always find water, even in strange country. But they have poor sight…"


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 75:8 (May 1953)

"Caravan" by Michael Hastings

  • Colour cover of "Caravan" - a camel charge with riders
  • pp. 20-21 B&W tone drawing "I shared the fire with traders from Amman. One of them was a thin man with restless eyes."


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 75:12 (Sep 1953)

"Vivo the wild colt" by Ross Salmon

  • Colour cover for "Vivo" - colt rearing and cowboy lassoing
  • pp. 20-21 B&W tone drawing "As I saw the colt dead in line, I twirled the loop of the lariat for the last time and threw"
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:1 (Oct 1953)

"Stormy round-up" by Ross Salmon

  • pp.50-51 2 page B&W (wash?) of a cowboy lassoing a steer
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:2 (Nov 1953)

"Speckle faced deer" by Ross Salmon

  • p.28 Scraperboard of a deer caught in a net
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:4 (Jan 1954)

"Bird research" by R. S. R. Fitter

  • pp.28-29 Black/blue line drawing of birds round the border of the text

"Jungle terror" by Ross Salmon 

  • pp.36-37 Scaperboard "The giant boa was powerless to stop the solid coat of ants from eating him alive"


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:5 (Feb 1954)

"White rhino" C. T. Stoneham

  • p.29 B&W tone "The elephant lurched forward, thrust his long tusks under the rhino's body and heaved like a steam shovel."
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:7 (Apr 1954)

"Dwarf jaguar" by Ross Salmon 

  • p.26-27 B&W line drawing "Linda, Gata and Mico were the first three members of my private zoo."
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:8 (May 1954)

  "The siege of the man-eating jaguar" by Ross Salmon 

  • pp.28-29 Orange/black line drawing "With a lightning blow of its massive paw, the jaguar crushed the dog's skull."
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:9 (Jun 1954) 

"Kubosko" by Keith Horan

  • pp.34-35 B&W tone "There was a horrible gulping sound as three of his own children disappeared down Kubosko's throat."
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 76:10 (July 1954)

"Tico" by Ross Salmon

  • pp.30-31 2 page B&W wash of two Venezuelans lassoing a  calf
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 77:3 (Dec 1954)

"The road ahead" by Hugh B. Cave

  • Colour cover of "The road ahead" (credit on inside story) 
  • p.18 "The road ahead" by Hugh B. Cave
    B&W line drawing of boy fishing on lake and racoon watching
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 77:5 (Feb 1955) 

  "Killers of the Arctic" by Alan C. Jenkins 

  • pp. 22-23 B&W line drawing of a lynx about to pounce from a tree
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 77:11 (Aug 1955)

  "My friend Bunda" by Keith Horan

  • pp.38-39 2 page scraperboard illustration of a langur monkey and cobra
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 77:12 (Sept 1955) 

"Death in the grass" by Keith Horan

  • pp. 32-33 2 page 2 colour illustration of a spider attacking a mouse
BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 78:5 (Feb 1956) 

"Warning shot" by Jack Cox

  • p.32 B&W illustration "He saw Gunnar leap to his feet and glance round wildly"  SEE NOTE
  • pp. 44-47 "Trapped by wild boar" by Ross Salmon
    1 page B&W illustration of wild boars at foot of tree


BOY'S OWN PAPER Vol. 78:6 (Mar 1956)

"Kaarpa the ermine" by John Bancroft 

  • pp.34-35 2 page 1 colour illustration "Even as the blood-eager Kaarpa ran in to fasten on the hare's jugular, the shadow of those terrible smothering wings fell across him."
Century 21 -  Various Thunderbirds reprints - See comics page  


COMIC MEDIA No 9  March 1973
  • Letter of thanks to the magazine


COMICON 71 (not actually published at the time)
  • See Note for pictures


  • See Note for pictures


  • See Note for pictures


Comicon '78 
  • Signed cover with cowboy facing the viewer, firing gun, hat hung down his back and body cut off below the gunbelt - colour figure on white background. "[…] drawn by the late Frank Bellamy especially for the 1972 Comic Convention."



Comicon '81 
  • Booklet B&W wraparound of title and fantasy/comix images. Cowboy with his back to viewer; Heros with sword behind 'CON' letters with mountain behind him; on right evil character in black cloak
  • .. "half of the piece that Bob Monkhouse owned which I have had photographed and was for Comicon 71. The bottom right corner (under claw) has been blocked in to read '81' whereas before it said '71'". - see Note to Comicon 71



COMICS 101 March 19-21 1976 
  • "A greeting from Garth" pen & ink of Garth in an A5, 80 page illustrated B&W booklet for 101 Comic Convention 1976



DISC (25th May 1974) 

"Garth! Comic hero lives!" 

  • Full colour cover (16" X 12") signed
  • 3 interior illustrations of Garth


EUREKA! No 3 Vol.2:3 c.1971  
  • Cover
  • Warrior with sword and shield pointing to top left with his right arm. In the background a 'witch doctor' type figure looks ahead with staring eyes and a vulture on the right
EVERYBODY’S WEEKLY (17th Sept 1955) 

"Gorillas were my neighbours" by Fred Merfield

  • pp.18-19 Signed red tonal pencil of man facing gorilla 
EVERYBODY’S WEEKLY (24th Sept 1955)

"City of sinister silence" Part 2 of "Gorillas were my neighbours" by Fred Merfield 

  • pp.18-19 Small orange tonal pencil illustration of a hut with man in front.
  • Signed orange tonal pencil of a black horseman throwing a spear

"Leopard in the night" Part 3 of "Gorillas were my neighbours" by Fred Merfield 

  • pp.18-19 Small orange tonal pencil illustration of a small leopard face with glowing eyes 
  • Signed 2 page orange tonal pencil of an African dance by firelight 



  "My doctor was a chimp" Part 4 of "Gorillas were my neighbours" by Fred Merfield

  • p.29 B&W pencil on orange tonal drawing of a hornbill
  • 3 Africans and a chimp 
FANTASY ADVERTISER Vol. 3:43 May 1972 
  • Letter from Frank Bellamy


FANTASY ADVERTISER Vol. 3: 50 Nov 1973 - see Articles about Frank Bellamy 


FANTASY ADVERTISER Vol. 3: 54 Jan 1975 
  • Portfolio and character studies for Fraser of Africa 5 pages black and white showing Bellamy's sketches for Fraser, includes a double page portrait of Fraser
HOME NOTES (23rd Feb 1951)

"Don't envy Louise", by Nancy Pearce 

  • p.15 B&W pencil "Louise pushed at him with her hands. 'Don't spoil our evening like this, Terry!'".


HOME NOTES (16th March 1951)

"Something to remember" by Margaret Bathe

  • p.7 B&W pencil "'It's not my fault', he said angrily, 'if you wanted luxury, you should have married some other man'."
HOME NOTES (30th March 1951)

"Nicholas comes to dinner" by Norah Smaridge

  • p.6 B&W pencil "Sylvia wanted him for what he could give her, but Patty, shyly and secretly, loved him with all her heart."
HOME NOTES (27th July 1951) 

"Impatient heart" by Judith Blaney

  • p. 15 B&W tonal "'Oh darling!', she whispered, ' I thought you would never come home'".
HOME NOTES (30th Nov 1951)

"It happened on Sunday" by Constance Howard 

  • pp.12-13 B&W double page illustration "'I can't go on any longer,' she said, 'it's too much to bear'".
LILLIPUT Vol. 34:4 #202 (April 1954)

"Que-Fong-Goo" by Gerald Durrell

  • pp.66-69 "Signed Frank A. Bellamy 
  • 6 B&W illustrations of a lizard; Skull and lizard; Hunter scares natives by waving lizard; Hunter on balcony smoking; Hand clutches lizard; portrait of the 'Fon'
LILLIPUT Vol. 34:5 #203 (May 1954) 

"War Party" by W.R. Burnett 

  • pp.48-64 Signed by Frank A. Bellamy
  • Full page sepia of cowboy with superimposed apache head; B&W Sequoia and rider; B&W man hiding in rocks; B&W posse; B&W 2 men watching from rocks 


LILLIPUT Vol. 35:1 #205 (July 1954)

"The drifters" by John Prebble

  • pp.71-72 B&W illustration of "Johnny Owens stepped up to us, measured the blow and hit my father across my face with the back of his hand"; and of a meeting at a ranch house
LILLIPUT Vol. 36:3 #213 (March 1955)

"The raid to get Rommel" by Sandy Sanderson

  • pp. 45-47 3 illustrations in ochre tones of a British soldier shooting out of window; a portrait of Rommel with swastika in background; 2 English soldiers running with VC in background
LILLIPUT Vol. 36:5 #215 (May 1955)

"Trick justice" by John Prebble

  • pp.32-34 3 illustrations in ochre tones of a gunman examining a dead body; a portrait with Ace of Diamonds in corner; and a portrait
LILLIPUT Vol. 37:1 #217 (July 1955)

"The demon bushranger" by Dal Stivens

  • pp.56-61Full page ochre colour of man on ground shooting man near house 
  • B&W illustration of man with arms raised between 2 men


LILLIPUT Vol. 39:1 #229 (July 1956)

"Shaved by the sherriff"

  • p.61 Cowboy falls back in his chair whilst being shaved by man pulling gun on him


LILLIPUT Vol. 39:6 #234 (Dec 1956)

"Men with horse" by Allan Swinton

  • pp.51-53 Header with cowboy and Indian on horses in  ochre colour
  • Mounted Indian turns and fires arrow (cliffs in background|)
  • Cowboy rides into distance (cactus in foreground)
MAN ABOUT TOWN (Spring 1953)
  • Cover 
  • p. 171Profile of the artist


MENOMONEE FALLS GAZETTE no.81, July 2nd, 1973 
  • Letter from Bellamy in response to query sent to him by the editors


MEN ONLY (July 1954) 

  "Tigrero!" By Sasha Siemel

  • pp. 93 & 109B&W illustration of jaguar attacking man
  • B&W illustration of man attacking jaguar - signed 'FAB'
MEN ONLY (Sep 1954)

"Nick the Greek - greatest gambler of all" by Richard Donovan & Hank Greenspin

  • pp. 93 & 119 B&W illustration of six men gathered round card table
  • B&W illustration of man having penicillin shot to his foot - signed 'FAB'
MEN ONLY (Mar 1955)

"Alone she fights the bull……." by Patricia McCormick

  • pp.85 & 89 B&W illustration of McCormick as Matador fighting a bull - signed 'Bellamy'
  • B&W illustration of McCormick being thrown by the bull - signed 'Bellamy'


19 MAGAZINE ('19') (February 1975)

"King Kong" 

  • pp 3 & 66-67 Contents page has B&W of King Kong taken from other pages
  • Double page colour spread collage of King Kong (in B&W) against man's hand, barbed wire - Signed
OUTSPAN (9th Sept 1955) 

"Yesterday's Dream" by Erica Thomas

  • pp.19-21 Single page full colour of man and woman by lake - "He held her for a moment before letting her go." 
  • Double page in sepia /red? of a buggy racing through a storm - "A storm was boiling up in the dark swollen clouds overhead." 


OUTSPAN (23rd Sept 1955)

"Kudu hunt" by Eileen Paul

  • pp.32-33 Double page B&W of a hunter pausing near a Kudu
OUTSPAN (21st Oct 1955) 

"Timeliner" by Charles Eric Maine. Chapter 1: "Into the unknown"

  • Colour cover of astronaut on planet
  • pp.22-23 Double page full colour astronaut n capsule supervised by 2 men - "Macklin watched the slender red second hand…"
OUTSPAN (28th Oct 1955)

"Timeliner" by Charles Eric Maine. Chapter 2: "First stop, the Moon"

  • pp.28-29 Double page of two astronauts jumping down from a space capsule - "This may be Eddie Payne's body…"
OUTSPAN (4th Nov 1955)

"Timeliner" by Charles Eric Maine. Chapter 3: "Trial in Venus"

  • pp.32-33 Double page of astronaut falling by a ray of light
OUTSPAN (11th Nov 1955)

"Timeliner" by Charles Eric Maine. Chapter 4: "Escape to danger"

  • pp.36-37 Double page of two astronauts climbing down from landed vehicle
OUTSPAN (18th Nov 1955)

"Timeliner" by Charles Eric Maine. Chapter 5: [?]

  • p.71 Single page of girl and man looking through porthole "You should have told me," the girl was saying: "The Saakori are upon us and the space barriers are down. It may be too late to build up power"
OUTSPAN (25th Nov 1955)

"Timeliner" by Charles Eric Maine. Chapter 6: "Farewell to Thoa"

  • p.69 p.71 Single page of astronaut letting go of belt "…with a supreme effort of will he forced his fingers to open and relinquish their grip" 


OUTSPAN (10th Feb 1956)

"Fear is a spotted cat" by Elaine Mans

  • pp. 19-21 Single page of fearful woman with leopard skin on wall behind - "If I should step outside and a leopard should be waiting…"
  • Double page of leopard poised to spring - "Lifting her heavy limbs for a final effort, she fell against the rock, lying upright against its coolness"
OUTSPAN (17th Feb 1956)

"The Satan flower" by Peter Monnow

  • pp.22-23 Double page of man and boy in long reeds - "Dick saw a gleam of silver in the sunshine. Soon the entire rocket lay exposed"
OUTSPAN (21st Sept 1956) 

  "I was stalked by a panther" by Edna Henkel

  • pp.40-41 Double page orange tonal "I released the catch of the torch and the light shone on a tawny shape with wide jaws and red glaring eyes… a shape which was in the act of springing. I fired blindly." 


RADIO TIMES See separate page

A young artist dreams of success. But will he make it? By Robert Lacey

  • Cover and p.7, 62-64 
  • Colour cover shows 'Fred Blenkinsop' - artist on train dreaming about various bigwigs holding his portfolio
  • B&W crop of image
  • Two page spread and additional page in colour picture strip titled the 'Weary pilgrimage of Fred Blenkinsop'



Playwright's progress by Frank Norman

  • pp.54 & 55 Double page spread colour



Last of the Great Inventions "Drawn by Frank Bellamy and written by Tony Osman" 

  • [no page number - see note] Two thirds colour page and full colour page 



Call the heart squad by Tony Osman

  • Cover & pp. 18-21 
  • Small part of cover shows Morris van racing to victim 
  • Two and a half pages of colour strip
  • The contents page also shows a panel reprint



Jam Today by Stephen Mullin

  •  p27 B&W medium sized picture strip of Supertrafficman!

A discreditable exercise by Robert Lacey

  • pp. 22-23 Two colour pages about credit checking

Inside racing by James Cox 

  • pp.7 & 22-23 Reprint of one panel in B&W on contents page
  • Full colour double page spread


WELCOME ABOARD (Issue number unknown - 1970)
  • pp. 20-21 "John Adams in Birth of a nation" Double page spread in colour 



WIDE WORLD Vol. 128 (Jan 1962) 
  • pp. 2-3, 5 "The toughest prey" by Douglas Lockwood
  • Double page spread in B&W wash of man on horse riding alongside a buffalo aiming rifle
  • Half page B&W wash of crocodile bumping a man out of a boat.


  • p. 20 "Killer wind" by George Goldsmith Carter
  • One third page B&W illustration of three men rowing in rubber dinghy