Doctor Who Exhibition - Blackpool 1976

On the 21 June 1976 Frank Bellamy submitted his bill of 145 to BBC Enterprises for his work on the Doctor Who Exhibition - Blackpool poster. He was commissioned by Lorne Martin, Assistant to Exhibitions Manager, on 10 March 1976 and had to have the art with the printers by 17 April 1976. He was asked to include the then current Doctor, Tom Baker and "the monsters displayed in Blackpool" and was provided with some photographic reference. He had his attention specifically drawn to "those marked with a red cross [which] are this year's new additions, and should therefore be given prominence".

In 1985 David Bellamy (Frank's son) wrote Timeview: The complete Doctor Who illustrations of Frank Bellamy published by Who Dares. The text gives some insight into the artist and reproduces the art work but with no comment beyond:


In fact it was 1976

In 2012 I found the odd What's On in Blackpool 76 magazine cited on Dave Copsey's blog.  He kindly sent me further details - see below. If anyone knows why the artwork was changed please do get in contact via
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Timeview p42

Poster with details

What's On Cover
The cover which contains a full page advert

What's On advert
What's On advert

What's On Advert
Advert - but note the smiling Doctor and colour added!

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