The confusion about which work Bellamy produced, which work was adapted and which was never published has been around for years. Fortunately we have an eye witness account, a close friend of Bellamy, Dez Skinn, to clear it all up.

All the following are taken from Dez Skinn's website, specifically, and used with permission

Dez Skinn states:
As well as a star raffle and the inevitable film show, the weekend had three main events… Frank Bellamy came along with stacks of his old Eagle artwork and gave an amazingly in-depth talk on the trials and tribulations of working on Dan Dare andGarth as well as his enjoyment on Fraser of Africa and Heros the Spartan.

Comicon'71 auction photograph
© Dez Skinn - used with permission

"Frank Bellamy was so chuffed to be the guest of honour at Comicon 71 that he produced five new colour visuals for us to auction off. Pic one shows a bearded young Dez holding one of them"  - this is mentioned here in the checklist and to our knowledge never been published

"Below is one of the stunning pieces of art Frank Bellamy created especially for the event. It was unexpected and too late for a place in the convention booklet, although all of them did finally make it into print in later years."

Comicon'71 cover - unpublished in 1971
© Dez Skinn - used with permission

In the convention report reviewing the previous year, Andrew Skilleter wrote about Bellamy's visit. 

Comicon'72 review
Comicon'72 review
© Dez Skinn - used with permission

Bellamy produced a cover for the 1973 convention but it didn't take place and was subsequently used in 1975 - (the '3' easily converted to a '5'!).

© Dez Skinn - used with permission

As Skinn says: "Something of a recovery began with Comicon 75. Rob [Barrow] used (yet another) Bellamy visual for its promotion, a superb piece of design actually created for the aborted Comicon 73"

Comicon'75 cover
© Dez Skinn - used with permission

Comiocn76 cover
Programme cover

Thanks to Richard Sheaf for the scan above


Skinn says: "Unfortunately, the artwork promised in the progress report by Frank Bellamy and Jim Steranko was noticeable by its absence". The flyer included the piece produced for Comicon'73, and a promise of material by Bellamy. Sadly he died in July 1976

Comicon76 leaflet
Progress Report published (amongst others) in
Comic Media News No 25 Mar-Apr 1976 

Thanks to Richard Sheaf for this scans

and this very slight variation (the spike on the pole) is taken from Bemusing Magazine #9 - May 1976)

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This Comicon cover was by Trevor Goring and the only Bellamy content was "In memory Frank Bellamy 1917-1976". A blank page except for this text

Comicon'76 cover Comicon'76 Bellamy page

Thanks to Richard Sheaf


Skinn: "This was also the year that UK comics muscled up, both mainstream and alternative. While ComiCons traditionally invited UK guests this was mainly down to finances, the events being focused on US titles. So, to celebrate this being considered the 101st year of British comics, historian Denis Gifford created his own event to celebrate UK titles as Comics 101 ". Bellamy produced an original Garth for the occassion - one of his last pieces of work

Comics101Garth from Comics 101


The Comicon cover drawn by Bellamy for Comicon'71 was used for this comicon (scan provided by Ewan Brownlow)


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