DISC 25th May 1974

Lon Goddard arrived from America in 1966. worked as reporter for Record Mirror, then head of press for CBS records. He became Editor of IPC's weekly Disc in 1973. With Bellamy in the office Bellamy apparently "acted out the approach" for his proposed illustrations for Lon. He was paid 150 and Jim Edgar (Bellamy's writer on Garth) wrote some blurb but this was re-written by Brian Wesley from The Sun! Lon left Britain for Sacremento in 1986. Information provided by Lon Goddard in personal emails


Interestingly an exact imitation of this issue was done in July 6th 1974 with, instead of Garth, Fresco-Le-Raye! The dinosaur cartoon character had his own fan club and a regular back and white strip in the magazine by J. Edward Oliver. The front cover is an exact copy of the earlier Garth cover with Fresco substituted for Garth! The same occurs internally.

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