DAILY MIRROR (1 Jun 1974) "Is there a comic in the house?" p.9

A picture of Marvel's character the Hulk and a front cover of the British version of Spider-man comic introduce a very short piece on comics, quoting:

"...The first big change in style came when the Eagle was published. It featured spacemen and drawing which broke out of the lines of boxes.  The man who drew it, Frank Bellamy, now illustrates the Mirror's Garth. Comics are now so popular in this country that one firm has started to issue American-style comics, featuring weird heroes like The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man"

A competition asks for children to draw their own characters in a strip and "we'll publish the best"

On the 15th June 1974, the Daily Mirror did indeed print one of the winners in "the cartoon competition, which attracted 400 entries" "Titan the Terrible" and stated "Each [winner] will be given an original drawing from the Garth strip which appears in the Daily Mirror drawn by Frank Bellamy, acknowledged as one of the finest illustrators in the world". 

We wonder do the following still have their Garths?:

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