DAILY MIRROR (4 Oct 1969) "The great moon game" p.7

This is a guess based on evidence found that Bellamy was paid half the price of his July 1969 Daily Mirror work for something he calls "Daily Mirror Moon Map". I have searched the Mirror Magazine for that period but not found it. However I did discover this:

"BLAST-OFF! Get into orbit today with the Mirror's Great Moon Game competition" [...] "Hundreds of consolation prizes await successful entrants In our Moon Game You could win a superb forty-eight page Moon Flight Atlas, a huge full colour Moon Map. or a fascinating Moon Globe"

Results were to be published in the Daily Mirror Monday November 3 - [unseen].

However this still leaves a problem. A full colour piece fetched a larger income than the suggested amount

There was a large (two double pages) moon map  published in the Daily Mirror Friday 18 July 1969 'Mirrorscope Moon Special' and is credited:  "Moon Map copyright Hallwag, Berne, Switzerland.  Additional graphics by Roy Foster and Roy Wright."

The named lunar places are typeset; plus additions of lettering in "UNO" pen stencil looking style indicating various moon landing sites, with map 'key' text

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