Bellamy received a letter dated 26/09/55 from Sir William Russell Flint, the famous watercolorist, referring to Bellamy's drawing in Everybody's 01/10/1955. He informed Bellamy that he himself had drawn an African scene for King Solomon's Mines by H.Rider Haggard many years before but "your dance was quite unlike anything I had ever seen".

Unfortunately, like many stories re-told many times, this is often referred to as being Frank's drawing of 'King Solomon's Mines', but it is in fact of 'Gorillas were my neighbours'. Perhaps his unpublished work on King Solomon's Mines confused the issue!

Frank Bellamy Sir William Russell Flint
Scan from magazine and cleaned up by Paul Holder Scan provided by Jim Vadeboncoeur who said: "Here's the only image in King Solomon's Mines that might fit WRF's reference"  -Thanks Jim


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