A close friend of Bob Monkhouse, Denis Gifford, was the foremost comics historian in Britain up to his death in 2000. His collection of British Comics was unsurpassed. His knowledge meant he had plenty of work appearing on TV spots and writing  - the British Library Catalogue lists 44 books by Gifford.

We are thankful that, during our childhood, British comics were talked about in mainstream publishing and broadcasting due primarily to Denis Gifford. But for the purpose of this website, we would like to point  out one or two references in Gifford's work which do not appear, from our research, entirely accurate



The Bellamy entry -  "Frank Bellamy: Daily Mirror book of Garth, Eagle, Sunday Extra [sic], Swift, TV Century 21"

Encyclopedia of comic characters 
  1. Fraser - a fair piece
  2. Heros - despite correctly listing Heros as running from 1962-1965 (the Bellamy years) he concludes "Frank Bellamy drew the serial for just a year..."  
  3. Thunderbirds - he lists Thunderbirds starting in TV21 from 1968 and continuing to 1969. In fact it started on 15/01/1966. 
Illustrators: the magazine of the Association of Illustrators Vol. 2 no 6 May / June 77

There is a column by Denis Gifford on Bellamy art and apparently he claims that BOC used the Swade strip (from Ally Sloper) in their magazine. I have looked through many issues of the BOC newsletter but no success! I would love to know what he meant!


He mentions Bellamy's run on Heros as 1962 - 1966 [sic]. In 1967 Bellamy allegedly started Thunderbirds [sic]. He claims the last page was in issue 3 of TV21 & Joe 90, it was in fact issue 4 (18/10/69)

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