Lions - various paintings

Frank Bellamy, despite being pinned to his drawing board, found time to produce many paintings and his favourite topic was always Africa. 

Lions and zebra Colour oil painting: Dead zebra in foreground with 2 male lions looking towards the viewer 2 male lions and zebra
Lion, lioness and zebra Colour watercolour: male and female lions in profile with dead zebra and mountain in background Dickins of Buckingham auctioneers had this for sale describing it as 15" x 21 1/2" Provenance: Purchased from artist's widow Nancy Bellamy. Lion, Lioness and Zebra
Lion on savannah Colour painting: Lion raises head straight and roars - savannah background No copy available
Lioness and zebra
Orange background with black and white pencil - circular fight - no background - signed Frank A Bellamy Lioness and zebra - orange

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