LYONS MAID SPACE 1999 February 1976

Bellamy was commissioned to do these at the start of January 1976 (the year he died), with a note saying "the style should be up-dated Dan Dare but not to resemble specific elements from the Space 1999 series (for legal reasons)" from Charlie Jenkins.

Trickfilms Studios Ltd, was based at 13 Charlotte Mews, London W1 and Bellamy wrote a note for his records stating "5 separate pieces = 500 "

  1. Rocket & Asteroid
  2. Rocket crashes
  3. Trajectory drawings (X3) 
  4. Space man
  5. Space man head 

7 pieces but 5 charged.

He received a cheque for 756 on 19th June 1976. This probably included some work for a "Dinosaur background" for Lyons Maid 'Dinosaurs', which we have, to date not found. Email, if you can help feedback @

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