MEN ONLY (Mar 1955)

The March 1955 edition of Men Only contains photographs of a matadora, Patricia McCormick as well as an auto-biographical article on her bullfighting. Bellamy provided two illustrations for this and McCormick. no mean talent at drawing herself, provided the other.

Bellamy's linework here is interesting and particularly noteworthy, for those used to seeing Bellamy's linear signature is the cursive style of his early signature. I have included below an article taken from True Woman's Adventures May 1956 (Vol 1: 1) on McCormick.

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Men Only cover
Men Only Page 85 Men Only Page 37 Men Only Page 99
Taken from True Woman's Adventures May 1956 Volume 1 Issue 1 
published by 148 Publishing Corp, at 147, East 50th Street, New York 22

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