Panelologist #6 Aug-Sep 1976, published by George Barnett

"Britain's No.1 strip artist

Frank Bellamy has died

Known to many in the USA as the Neal Adams of Britain, one of the world's greatest and certainly Britain's no.1 comic strip artist, Frank Bellamy, has died.

Frank's best known work includes some beautiful; Dan dare strips from Eagle, Garth from the Daily Mirror and Heros the Spartan, but the volume of diversified artwork he's responsible for is too great to list here.

He has done more than any other man to get British comic strips acclaimed the world over and has furthered the cause to get panelology recognised as an artform more than any other Briton.

His friends knew him to be a man totally dedicated to his work, taking the medium and its history very seriously. He will be sorely missed the world over."


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