The contents of this book list Frank Bellamy as having contributed. However it is not clear which work is his and below are many scans showing those artists we know and hinting at which we think might be Bellamy

If you want to suggest alternatives and why, I'd love to hear from you

Rocket Cover
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Title page
Could this be Bellamy?
Illustrator Credits
Contents page (C. L. Doughty portraits)
Page 16
page 16 Doughty
Page 16 showing Doughty signature
Page 29
Could this be Bellamy?
Page 30
Could this be Bellamy?
page 51
Page 51
Could this be Bellamy?


  AP signature
Page 52 and A. Pollack's signature
Page 68
Page 69
Could this be Bellamy?
page 85
page 88

Van Abbe
Page 85 showing S. Van Abbé
page 88 sig
Page 88 showing Peter Jackson's signature
page 104../images/books/Pictorial/Pictorial_104.jpg
Page 104
Could this be Bellamy?
page 115
  page 115
Page 115 showing Winston Megoran's signature

page 152
Page 152 with Ley Kenyon's signature
page 178
Page 178
Could this be Bellamy - perhaps only the bottom right hand frame?
page 179
Page 179
Could this be Bellamy - my choice would be the lower left hand frame?

page 187
Page 187 with Cedric Chater's signature
And just for completion's sake here is the contributor's page of the corresponding "Pictorial Encyclopedia"

And here are the details extracted by David Jackson from the book for those who have a copy to work through which pages/panels they think are Bellamy's work
Listed artists (signed and infered style pages where noted):
J Allan [ALVAN]  182
AE Batchelor
Henry Barnett
Frank Bellamy
Victor J Bertoglio
BS Biro  82-83
Douglas Bowness
Drake Brookshaw
R Burgess
Cedric Chater  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 102 103 143 144 187
Leo Davy [Davey]
CL Doughty  4 6 7 14 16 26 27 28 30 44 45 51 52 53 72-76 80 87 88 89 100 101 104 105 109 121 122 153 124-125 152 153 166 185
S Gale
Grace Golden  65-67 84? 155-157
LG Goodwin
J Harman
Peter Jackson  87-89 103  114 120 121
RW Jobson
CJ Johnstone
L Kenynon  151 152
JF Lewsley
Winston Megoran  114 115 116
Will Nickless
Patrick Nicolle   37 40-41 106-107 110
Walter Pannett
A Pollack  47 52 106
Wilfred Savage  34-35 123
RM Sax
E Sears
WH Shepherd
SA Smith
Derrick Smoothy
Cicely Steed
E Tansley
Saloman Van Abbe [ie not "F"] 84 85 86
Eric Wade
Richard Ward  145
W With
B Young
Other information noted in page order:

-    pp1-3
p 4  C L Doughty style.
-    p 5
p 6  C L Doughty style.
p 7  C L Doughty style.
p 8  Cedric Chater style.
p 9  Cedric Chater style.
p10  Cedric Chater style.
p11  Cedric Chater sig.
p12  Cedric Chater style.
p13  Cedric Chater sig.
p14  Cedric Chater style.
       C L Doughty sig b/w frame.
p15  Cedric Chater sig.
p16  C L Doughty sig b/w frame.
-    pp17-29
p30  C L Doughty sig b/w.
-    pp31-33
p34  Wilfred Savage sig on main frame.
p35  Wilfred Savage sig on main frame
p36  Patrick Nicolle (inf as fol).
p37  Patrick Nicolle sig.
-    pp38-39
p40  Patrick Nicolle sig.
p41  Patrick Nicolle (2pp spread).
-    pp42-43
p44  Two frames signed CL Doughty '49.
p45  CL Doughty sig frame lower right.
-    p46
p47  Frame centre left sig AP (A Pollock).
-    pp48-50
p51  CL Doughty style.
p52  CL Doughty style;
       'AP' (A Pollock) lower left.
p53  CL Doughty style.
-    pp54-64
p65  Grace Golden.
p66  Grace Golden.
p67  Grace Golden sig.
p68  CL Doughty style (some).
p69  CL Doughty style (some) (inf as op).
p70  CL Doughty style (some).
-    p71
p72  CL Doughty sig.
p73  Main frame signed CL Doughty.
p74  Top colour frame signed CL Doughty.
p75  Top (b/w) frame sig CL Doughty.
p76  Two colour frames signed CL Doughty.
-    pp77-79
p80  CL Doughty signed frame top left.
-    p81
p82  BS Biro.
p83  BS Biro.
p84  Possibly G Golden
       S van Abbe (op fol).
p85  Two frames signed S van Abbe (F van Abbe, credit)
p86  Colour frame signed S van Abbe.
p87  CL Doughty sig;
        Peter Jackson initials.
p88  'PJ' top frame in colour; 
        CL Doughty frame b/w;
         [Battle graphics and lettering and map].
p89   CL Doughty sig at top;
        PJ sig at lower right.
 -    pp90-96
p97  [Relates to pp98/99].
p98  [Relates to pp97/99].
p99  Orb symbol on spinning wheel frame (style as p137).
100  One signed C L Doughty.
101  C L Doughty style.
102  Probably Chater per p103.
103  Chater sig at top right
        PJ sig (b/w).
103  One b/w frame marked 'PJ' - Peter Jackson
104  C L Doughty style.
       Other style lowest frame (and across 'gutter' to p105).
105  CL Doughty sig.
       Other style lowest frame (across 'gutter' from p104).
106  AP (A Pollack) on b/w frame;
       Patrick Nicolle inf fol.
107  Patrick Nicolle sig.
108  ['Plan of Battle' graphics].
109  C L Doughty two frames, top signed.
110  Patrick Nicolle inf from sig style
 -    pp111-113
114  Bottom left frame PJ monogram of Peter Jackson. 
       Remainder possibly Winston Megoran as foll.
115  Bottom right corner signed Winston Megoran.
116  Winston Megoran style.
 -   pp117-119
120  Peter Jackson sig.
121  C L Doughty style.
       Peter Jackson style.
122  C L Doughty style. 
       [Map - note: in b/w using dot-tonal].
123  Wifred Savage sig.
124  C L Doughty sig on main frame.
125  C L Doughty sig on main frame.
-    pp126-136
137  [Same style as pp98-99.  Large map on page].
-    pp138-141
142  C L Doughty sig.
143  Maps + graphics - signed by Cedric Chater.
144  Cedric Chater style.
145  Richard Ward sig top frame.
 -   pp146-149
150  ['pastimes'] - motifs in colour;
       CLD style b/w frames (and poss one other).
151  L Kenyon style as fol.
152  L Kenyon sig lower right;
       C L Doughty sig b/w.
153  Top frame possibly signed (but small/illegible).
-    p154
155  Grace Golden "GG" (to left of "The Court of...").
156  Grace Golden.
157  Grace Golden.
-    pp158-163
164  [merchant navy].
165  [merchant navy].
166  Two frames signed C L Doughty.
 -   pp167-177
178  [aircraft]
179  [aircraft]
 -   pp180-181
182  Map graphic signed 'ALVAN' / Credit 'Allan.'
-    pp183-184
185  C L Doughty top of lower frames but right cut off at top.
-    p186
187  Cedric Chater sig.
 -   pp188-191

Many thanks to David Driver for alerting me to this and for David Jackson's unswerving dedication to examining a tiny part of Bellamy's output!

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