RADIO TIMES (01/01/1972 - 07/01/1972)

The cameo on the Saturday page is NOT by Frank Bellamy (p.17)

This cover was reprinted as part of the Doctor Who Series One trading cards by Strictly Ink in 2000 which portrayed Radio Times Doctor Who covers. The chase card R9 was labelled January 1-7 1972.

The reverse of the card states: Marking the Dalek's return after four years absence, this cover by Frank Bellamy draws attention to a competition inside where the top prizes are two 'Mark Seven' Daleks and an expense paid trip to the BBC to see Doctor Who in production. To win, entrants are invited to complete a storyline for a Doctor Who Dalek adventure, the start of which is outlined by their creator, Terry Nation, in the feature article. Due to space restrictions no photograph of the Dalek prizes is printed only an artwork likeness.


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