TV21 242, 06/09/1969

The first advert in TV21 of Bellamy's work for Letraset Action Transfers. 

These were a plastic sheet which allowed young people to create scenes by rubbing hard on individual objects on the sheet so they rub down onto a pre-painted scene, in this case various space objects being placed onto an image of a satellite being hit by a meteor. 

Dean, the owner of the 7 Wonders site gave me permission to share this image which is a nice full shot of the work Bellamy did. This advert appeared in many comics at the time, not just TV21.

Click for larger view
Click for larger view

The contents of Acton Transfers were not drawn or painted by Bellamy, so the advert is the only piece of his work to do with these transfers.

For those interested, Dean has images of the contents - click on this image to go to his page

Link to Dean's 7 Wonders website and contents of the Action Transfers

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