TV21 90 - 92 (8/10/66 - 29/10/66)

(93 98 by Don Harley)  (5/11/66 3/12/66).

Interestingly many people assume this very visible break in Bellamy's schedule is the holiday Bellamy refers to in the Skinn/Gibbons interview, but Nancy Bellamy confirms this is not so. They often travelled in Europe.

The TV21 website mentions that "In order to supplement a Thunderbirds comic strip story by Frank Bellamy in TV Century 21 numbers 90 through 95 [sic], Roger Dicken produced several sculptures of Venusian monsters in plasticine clay which were photographed with Thunderbirds craft". Earle, Bill. (Tuesday, 06 January 2004) Die Cast Toy Vehicles used in Thunderbirds pt 1 Accessed: 13 May 2007 from

An email from Dicken confirms this and helps solve a mystery - which came first, the model or the drawing?

"Both [monsters] were actually made of plasticene built over a strong wire and wood core.  Further, they were constructed at my home studio and brought in for the photo shoot at AP Films.  From this point Frank Bellamy was obviously supplied with prints of the beast of your interest and via his wizardry with the pencil he reproduced it in comic form."

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