Thunderbirds from TV21

This page is owned Jeff Haythorpe (see his Gallery on ComicArtFans) and is obviously Bellamy. Looking at the style it appears to be one he started for issue 5 of the new TV21 & Joe 90 comic, but moved onto other things.

Shaqui Le Vesconte (of The Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History fame) says about this piece:
 "This story did eventually start in issue 35, drawn by John Cooper. My instincts suggest it followed on from the last 'Thunderbirds' Bellamy drew, but he was lured to 'Garth' before this instalment was complete, intended for issue 5 before being abandoned...".

I totally agree. I also feel, like Shaqui, that the beast men used by John Cooper in this story bear a very close resemblance to the Beast Men of Lingor, that Bellamy drew earlier in TV21

The unpublished page is shown by kind permission of Jeff Haythrope - for contact details please visit his Gallery


I have managed to find the actual version in Number 35 of the New Series of TV21 & Joe 90


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