Nudes - Anna Marita

Arthur Sevigny sent these bits of USAAF history - and it appears that Anna Marita performed at one of their parties!

He wrote: "Attached is a scan of Anna Marita - she performed at King's Cliffe Airfield on May 7th 1945. This was the home of the 20th FG during WWII."

"The flyer is for the V-E celebration for the defeat of Germany. Anna being an entertainer at the show. The 20th FG flew P-38 and P-51 aircraft out of King’s Cliffe which is near Wansford. I spent 7 years (1980-1987) in the UK with the 20th TFW that was stationed at RAF Upper Heyford."

I had placed most of the extant life drawings by Bellamy in the late forties / early fifties - while Bellamy was working in Blamire's Studio, Kettering, or the Norfolk Studio in London. How? By the signature style which was more rounded earlier in his career. If that's correct than Bellamy obviously managed to find Marita work beyond her usual 'performances', as an artist's model just after the war!

Here are the flyers kindly supplied (and used with permission) by

Arthur Sevigny MSgt USAF (Ret)
20th Fighter Wing Association

 We do not know who the artist or photographer or graphic designer was. 

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