These strip are reproduced here with permission of Alberto Soares.


Wes Slade - Thanks to Alberto Soares

Wes Slade - Thanks to Alberto Soares

We can attribute their authenticity to the fact that Bellamy's professional sticker appears on the back with his Morden address

Wes Slade - Thanks to Alberto Soares

This means that it was definitely executed between 1948 and 1975. The strip Wes Slade was drawn by George Stokes for the Sunday Express. According to Steve Holland:

Jim Edgar spent 22 years as the author of 'Matt Marriott' for the London Evening News (1955-77), drawn by the incomparable Tony Weare. He also wrote other Westerns including 'Wes Slade' for the Sunday Express drawn by George Stokes. Apparently Stokes wrote the early episodes of 'Wes Slade' himself before handing over to Edgar and the strip was taken over by Harry Bishop in 1979-81.

Holland, Steve,  (16th September 2006) Jim Edgar, <http://bearalley.blogspot.com/2006_09_01_archive.html> Accessed 20th May 2007

It appears reasonable to assume this comes from the early 1970s before Bellamy took over the  daily strip Garth in the Daily Mirror

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